5070 Virginia Beach Blvd., Suite B
Virginia Beach, VA 23462


New Year's Eve Tournament

Celebrate New Year’s with us with a fun tournament!  Compete in this tournament with your teammate doing standard hatchet, dual’s and big axe.

Door’s open at 6pm.  We’ll have some warm-ups and then get started with the tournament.

If time permits we’ll also do a super fun ‘skills’ tournament.  This will include things like the throwing shovel, throwing cards, darts, trick shots and more.

Cost is $79 / team.

Food will be provided and is included with tournament entry.  We’ll have sandwiches and other snacks / deserts.

The bar will also be open.

Each round your team will compete in standard hatchet, dual’s and big axe.  Your team score will be added up and the team with the highest score will move onto the next round.

The finals will consist of a best 2 out of 3 style.

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