5070 Virginia Beach Blvd., Suite B
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Recreational Axe Throwing League

Whether you call it a ‘beer league’ or a ‘rec league’ it’s definitely super fun!

Some people don’t want to join a competitive axe throwing league.  They just want to come in with friends and have some fun games while enjoying a couple of drinks.  That’s why we created the ‘Beer League’.

Rec League Membership

Beer League runs every Thursday evening at 7pm.

As a member of our beer league, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks, discounts, and special offers tailored specifically for our valued members.

Our membership program allows us to tailor the experience to your preferences and needs. We value your feedback and aim to create the best possible axe throwing environment for our members!

Join Anytime
Enjoy the flexibility of our individual beer league membership with no fixed start or end dates. Jump in whenever you’re ready to throw some axes!

Better with Friends
Bring a friend or two.  Axe throwing is way more fun with friends!

4 Games
Each member will play 4 games per league night.  2 Standard Axe games, 1 Big Axe game and 1 Knife throwing game.

Do I need my own axes?
No, we have axes and knives that you can use until you get your own that suit your needs best.

Have Fun!
Remember, this is a friendly competition.  No pressure.


$49.50 / person / month
Cancel anytime

Unlike traditional leagues with fixed start and end dates, our monthly membership ensures continuous axe throwing action every Thursday evening. It’s a commitment to fun and excitement!


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