World’s Open Qualifying Event 2020

The Spring and Summer WATL seasons were cancelled this year leaving many bids for entry into the 2020 World Championships up for grabs.  Now is your chance to qualify for entry into the World Championships which will be held in Atlanta in December!

Sunday September 20th
12pm to 7pm

This is a solo qualifying event meaning you will not be playing against anyone else.  You can choose your time on Sunday September 20th between 12pm and 7pm to come in.  You will throw all your throws together in the presence of a certified WATL judge.

Standard Axe: 50 Throws + 10 Overtime Kill Shots

Big Axe: 25 Throws + 5 Overtime Kill Shots

Duals League: 30 Throws + 5 Overtime Kill Shots


Pricing for open qualifying is set by the WATL at $25 for Standard Axe, $15 for Big Axe and $30 for Dual’s teams ($15/person).

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